1914 – September 3

Arr. Le Mans, our new Adv. Base at 10 a.m. the siding is really called MAROC, 3 miles from Le Mans – a horrid desert. What good food the men have, it is a treat to get a bit. Bacon, ham, jam, cheese, bully and H.P. biscuits. We get shaving, washing and tea water from the engine and the men cook their bacon on a shovel in the engine furnace.

In London, before the war, we were eating bully for a treat. Here I get nothing else and am a little tired of it. I see here in real life the very pictures we saw at the Cinema. Tacked on to us a whole train-load of Austrians and Germans who were living in the country at the outbreak of war, they are being sent South to a concentration camp. They told me they were well treated, but men, women and children crowded together in cattle trucks 50 in each for long journeys of about 100 hours cannot be very nice. Arrived Le Mans 6 a.m. 26 hours late, but we did not shunt to Maroc till 10 a.m.


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