1914 – September 13

Poured all night and a furious gale, such a tempest. Such a night to lie out wounded – cold and miserable. A wounded horse close to me kept groaning just like a human being. I am taking him and some others down to the base, but can get no shelter for them here. Issuing rations up to 2 a.m., no lights, no lamp, such a job and such thieving going on. To-day furious gale, but sky clearing. Up at 5 a.m. and checked through the train – signs of plenty of stealing. Left 10.45 a.m. We passed through the suburban lines of Paris about 3 to 5 o’clock. Being Sunday the whole of Paris had turned out and we had an appalling ovation. Especially as it was known we had German prisoners, and some of our men were wearing captured German helmets. The crowd, mostly women, were 5 or 6 deep, in many places and they shrieked and bombarded us with peaches and flowers. I was nearly hit in the eye with a peach. Villeneuve at 4 p.m., Le Mans at 4 a.m. Maroc 7 a.m. At Chartres at 11.30 p.m., the crowd heard there were some German prisoners on board and we had some trouble to keep them off.


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