1914 – October 3

Arrived Fère-en-Tardenois 2.m. Big guns booming, but further away. Frightful toothache. I dined last night off a chunk of bread that a lady put in at the window at one of the stations. I had plenty of other food but no light and it is beastly eating in the dark, so I gnawed the bread and enjoyed it very much. Had a very interesting morning. Col. Mac.Innes, R.E. had to go out to the front in a car, so he took me. We drove through Mont Notre Dame and Braisne over the pontoon bridge on the Aisne beside the bridge the Germans had destroyed, and into Bourg [?? Place unlocated]. Passed within 20 yards of 2 of our 60 pounder guns very well concealed. Under shell fire all the last part of the way, but nobody fired at a single car. Not worth it. Saw the big crates that the Black Marias dig out – all over the place, two on the road itself. Lots of trenches and graves and dead horses. Left F.T. at , 3.30 p.m.


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