1914 – November 9

18th anniversary of the famous Wedding Day. What luck to be together at such an awful time too. It seems unfair to have so much while others have so little. Knightley* has just lost his eldest son, Graham**, in the Devons, such a fine, splendid fellow. We moved in here on Friday, 32 Rue Clément Marical [Le Havre], nice big, clean, bedroom, but, alas, full of fleas which drive Daisie mad, also the whole house simply reeks of cooking and no ventilation.

*Knightley Stalker Dunsterville, CB (25 Jan 1857 – 08 Jan 1935). Stalky and Knightley were cousins, both sharing James Henderson Dunsterville (b. 1788) as a grandfather. 

 **Graham Eardley Dunsterville (09 Jul 1884 – 30 Oct 1914), second son of Knightley

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