1915 – January 13

The war is quite at a standstill here and one is tired of waiting for news. I have given up reading the papers. Be patient and some day we will hear something. We have plenty of troops, more than enough for our short line and I suppose Joffre and French are waiting for some particular moment to get on the move again. Meantime I am well paid and forget the war except when I meet a trainload of wounded or see in the papers that I have lost another of my very best and irreplaceable friends. The children had a nice Xmas with Granny and Bunker and their Mother at Green – now the party is broken up – the boys go back to school and we must find some quiet corner for Susanna. Daisie has settled down to her hospital work at Havre and I am happy in my family here with a nice Mlle. Germaine to give me a French lesson every evening. I am improving and hope soon to have quite a decent accent. We read Balzac “La Peau de chagrin.”