1915 – May 2

Left 1.47 a.m. Monday morning special carriage Murree. Susanna has been having fever. She and Rose stay with Miss Key up there and we two return on Thursday by which time I hope punkahs will be up as the mosquitoes are bad and we are dreadfully bitten. It is wonderful how stupid C.O’s are – In the 20th we always had mixed guards, half Mahomedan and half Hindu, anyone with a grain of sense would naturally do this. My guard is now furnished by the 25th P.I. who were in China and whose Sikhs are supposed to sympathise with the mutiny that is ready to break out – and the O.C. that noble regiment gives me a pure Sikh Guard! Of course I can say nothing about it as it would look like scares, so there it is and we are quite happy, but it is rather silly, isn’t it? Last night as we lay in bed, the Sikh sentry kept stopping just outside the chick and bumping his rifle down with a thud which made Daisie think he was going to shoot, and so he was perhaps, but he didn’t. I want a guard to guard me from my guard.

C.O.: Commanding Officer
O.C. Officer in Command


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