1916 – February 25

The Campbell Wards came to stay and left on Friday March 3rd. Such a pleasant week. We took them everywhere, up the Khyber, Shabkadr etc. Meg* looked very cheerful and happy – my Godchild. The Bishop of Lahore (Durant) was also here, a very good man and we had some interesting talks. Stein** is back from Central Asia and is coming to see us here.

* Possibly Margaret.
** Aurel Stein, archaeologist.

1916 – February 10

My new charger, Australian from Saharanpur Remount Depôt Rs. 1150, arrived this morning, 16 hands, he looks very fine. Put a saddle on him and took him round, he seemed very nervous, more so than I anyway.

Rs = Rupees – about £12 at today’s exchange rates.