1916 – September 23

Mohmands giving trouble but I hope it will come to nothing. Gave a lecture at the Soldiers’ Home on Thursday last. Forest Dell is very quiet and we are quite out of all the tea-parties and social dullness.

4 thoughts on “1916 – September 23

  1. Nice to see this old diary,We are living at forest dell Murree since 12 years with family.
    I would like to know about the the person who uploaded it and his/her relationship with miss Key or Mr Key.
    It will be a pleasure to get in contact
    Nadeem Khan zaman
    pH : +923115141148


    • Dear Nadeem – I am Major General Dunsterville’s great granddaughter. It’s wonderful to hear about places in the diary nowadays – so much has changed in a century. Miss Key was my great-aunt Susanna’s nanny, Susanna being My great-grandfather’s third child and only daughter. Sadly I know nothing about the Keys, and as it’s quite a common surname it’s proven very hard to find out anything about them; a great shame.

      I have a delightful and poignant entry from October 4th, 1911 – the year Susanna was born – which says: “The Keys were very nice to us and took a lot of trouble to send us off comfortably, and truly that Miss Key should have been fated to be Daisie’s Nurse was a great blessing. They love each other in a most frantic manner and Miss Key nearly wept when Daisie left. A little envious, she would love to have children of her own.” On January 13th, 1921, the family received the news that Miss Key had passed away. She seems to have been a devoted companion to Susanna.

      You must tell me more about the Keys if you know anything – and also about your life in Forest Dell. Thank you so much for your comment!


  2. Thanks for replying ma’am..
    Well even i don’t have much information about Keys but some letters written by Mr Key which i would like to send you if u can tell me your e.mail adress..
    You can also follow us on facebook id named ( Forest Dell camp Murree ) where u can also see Forest Dell in pictures..
    Thank you


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