1916 – November 29

Left for Delhi 8.38 a.m. arrived Thursday Nov. 30th 7 a.m., went to Maiden’s Hotel. I find my work is to be President of a Committee of 15 C.O’s on the subject of free rations for the Native Army. Went out to the Kutb [now Qutb Minar] and to see New Delhi near the Kutb, with the Gordons, not much sign yet of the new city except beautiful roads.

1916 – November 28

Daisie called me up on the telephone and told me there was a wire for me from the Chief to go to Delhi to talk about something. Glad of the trip, wish I could take Daisie too, to see our old haunts of 17 years ago. Packed up and got in to lunch by motor car, found Daisie and the chrysanthemums looking very pretty. Susanna with a cough.

1916 – November 16

Yesterday the Mohmands put up a half-hearted fight, my Brigade remained in Reserve on the wire, but I rode forward to the 2nd Brigade on the downs and saw little. The Durham Light Infantry lost about 10 men. The aeroplanes were very interesting and the enemy didn’t like them at all. Another man caught on the wire – a holy youth of 18, who armed himself only with two Korans which were not effectual against the 2000 volts.

1916 – November 14

Enemy keeps gathering and dispersing – they can make no plan of attack with this wire arrangement. Caught the first victim last night, I was glad to get a victim to show it worked properly, – a fine, brave fellow. His companions made no effort to rescue him as they had learnt that anyone who touches the corpse gets killed himself. The whole thing varies with different people, some can stand more electricity than others. The other day a man was caught on the wire by accident, the one who went to rescue him was killed by the current passing through the first man, who was not killed, but lost one arm. The Division came out to-day and the Chief Commissioner.

1916 – November 11

Saw a good deal of the enemy skipping about on the hills and it looks as if they’d fight in a day or two. I did not fire at them as I want them to gather and put up one real good fight, then the affair will subside, probably, for at least a year. The Division have been very good so far, in allowing me to run my own show, and I have Duncan, the best of Brigade Majors.