1916 – November 9

A lull and I was able to get in and spend a happy wedding day with Daisie. I had not expected to be able to and it was a very great treat.

1916 – November 2

They got through the King’s wire last night between posts 21 and 22 and fired a salvo at me in the fort at 11 p.m. It was very plucky of them and very well done and I sent them a message to say “well done!” When the live wire [electric fence] is up I’m afraid they’ll get killed. I inspected No. 3 section riding round the front line in the morning. We ran the gauntlet rather, as our horses attracted the snipers, shots were near us, but neither I nor Short nor Duncan, who were riding with me, were hit. A mule driver caught one of the bullets that missed me and was hit in the head.

1916 – November 1

My lucky month of birth and marriage. Nothing doing except on the right of the line, where the Guides exchange shots with about 50 of the enemy at long range. There are probably about 500 of them gathered there, but not ready to attack. The position is really impregnable. It overlooks the right bank of the Swat river and is very picturesque. I chose sites for 3 picquets here over the frontier in the Burhan Khel country and they are naturally mad about it and swear revenge. The line had to go forward there to protect the weir in the river below.