1917 – January 31

The Commissioner Lt. Col. Popham Young who was at Sandhurst with me invited me to stay, so I left the tents and went over – would have been far happier left on my own in tents. There are 10 Generals in this class, W. Barratt, Peterson, myself, Dyer, Luard, Crocker, Eustace, Watson, Bruce and Isacke.

1917 – January 17

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Brigade Staff Tour under Division to Jalozai – interesting, and nice weather. No rain and everything very dry and dusty. Daisie was rather badly bitten by Velia [presumably a pet dog?] on the 7th, and should have gone to Kasauli, but wouldn’t. There was a mad-dog in the compound the day before and of course I feel anxious. Her hand festered, but seems all right now. Velia also snapped Susanna yesterday, not badly.

1917 – January 4

Col. Ewart is now promoted Major General and this brings me on to the list of paid A.D.C.s*, for which I am duly grateful, and hope I may now at last begin to pay off my debt of £2000. My income is now £2090 a year and Daisie has her own £100 for her dresses. On January 1st, Daisie’s birthday, Susanna had a very fine fancy dress party of all the children here, about 40, and we also dressed up, Daisie as a Swedish peasant, Miss Durrell Dutch, and I in my beautiful uniform of Chasseurs à pied, which I got while I was in France last year.

* Aides-de-camp