1917 – March 30

Beautiful weather, garden lovely and roses just coming out. We returned from Akora on Thursday – it was very enjoyable though it rained most of the time. The battle-field was well depicted and we had 22 guns turned on to a 500 yard front with quick fire and high explosive. We sat in dug-outs about 300 yards this side of the enemy’s trenches and had a splendid view – several short bursts of shrapnel and one Tommy in my dugout hit and very sorry for himself – Generals Johnson and Dyer had bad falls from their horses and a whole gun-team were wounded – none killed, by a H.E. burst at the muzzle. – there were 21 Generals at the show, mostly spectators, and I, as O.C., 1st. Brigade had the best part of the show to run. Several new Major Generals made and I am next on the list – Daisie thinks it will stop dead now and I shall never get it. I want it to give me the extra £100 a year pension, but as regards pay I am just as well off with £100 a year for paid A.D.C. to the King, which ceases when I become a Major General.


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