1917 – October 17

Arrived 6 a.m. Quite cold – breakfast at the Soldier’s Home – Looking very smart and nice. Garden and bungalow flourishing. It is nice to be home again, but the first few days mean a good deal of hard work and worry, mostly on Daisie’s shoulders. Susanna is well and not troublesome.


1917 – October 8

Daisie and I walked up Mokshpuri hill, reaching the top in an hour. Wandered about the alpine meadows there, then drove through the woods to Nathia Gully and then home to tea. We took our tiffin in our pockets and had nothing to drink, so were glad of our tea 8 hours after our last drink (at breakfast). Heaps of Monkeys. Susanna also had the luck to run across quite a lot of monkeys while she was with me.