1917 – June 22

One or two hot nights, but there has been heavy rain all round and it is quite cool now – Daisie works daily in the garden till 12.0 and amuses herself with her rabbits and pigeons. I have a lecture at the Soldiers’ Home on Wednesday 20th on Russia.


1917 – May 27

This affair of Leo’s* is costing me a heap of money, thank goodness it comes at a time when I can just afford it – still it is sad that these financial blows always come just as one fancies that at last one has got one’s head above water. Among other trifles! Dr. Crichton Miller’s fee is £50 for a month of treatment! and now they want me to pay £50 a term for a tutor. I have cabled certainly not – why on earth a tutor? If he has rendered himself ineligible for a first rate school he must go to a second rate one, but a tutor seems to me idiocy – he wants companionship not solitude.

* I have no record of what this is about. I suspect from the rest of the diary entry that Leo, his elder son, has not excelled at school.

1917 – May 25

My teetotal and non-smoke idea is rather a failure. I want to prove that it makes no difference to me whether I have these things or not, but as a fact I feel ill, cold, headache, liverish – and a sort of buzzing giddiness in the head that is quite like drunkenness. I daresay I am seedy and need not really attribute these symptoms to the teetotal and non-smoke business.