1916 – November 16

Yesterday the Mohmands put up a half-hearted fight, my Brigade remained in Reserve on the wire, but I rode forward to the 2nd Brigade on the downs and saw little. The Durham Light Infantry lost about 10 men. The aeroplanes were very interesting and the enemy didn’t like them at all. Another man caught on the wire – a holy youth of 18, who armed himself only with two Korans which were not effectual against the 2000 volts.

1916 – October 30

All wire completed. All very quiet so far. The Division, the Cavalry Brigade, the 2nd Brigade and all artillery and cavalry from my lot have been taken away, which leaves me very thin, but they fear disturbances in the Khyber and I must try my best to hold this 17 miles with 5 battalions 1 Battery and 50 Sabres.