1918 – November 29

Orders at last. Glad to cease being unemployed. I leave for Agra to-morrow morning, visiting the Shrine at Makhad and my old friend the hereditary Saint on the banks of the Indus (Pir Sahib Said Ghulam Abas) and staying a day at Jhelum.

1918 – November 12

Susanna and Miss Key arrived from Murree by the early morning train and brought with them the wonderful news of:

P  E  A  C  E   A T   L A S T !

and this GREATEST WAR is over.

We are so accustomed to war in this fifth year that we can hardly believe the news.

Meantime  I have been more or less forgiven and am to have command of a new Brigade at Agra – but I do not believe now that the war is over that they will ever want any new Brigades. Susanna and Miss Key are staying with the Bomfords and we go over there also in a few days.

We celebrated Peace at the Club with a Champagne dinner party with the Rennies.