1918 – November 12

Susanna and Miss Key arrived from Murree by the early morning train and brought with them the wonderful news of:

P  E  A  C  E   A T   L A S T !

and this GREATEST WAR is over.

We are so accustomed to war in this fifth year that we can hardly believe the news.

Meantime  I have been more or less forgiven and am to have command of a new Brigade at Agra – but I do not believe now that the war is over that they will ever want any new Brigades. Susanna and Miss Key are staying with the Bomfords and we go over there also in a few days.

We celebrated Peace at the Club with a Champagne dinner party with the Rennies.

1915 – February 27

Splendid news. The dream of my life. I am to a General before I am 60. Got a wire yesterday to go to Abbeville and there I got the news that I am to go home to command one of the new Brigades. God give me strength to do my duty, serve my country , and live and die as a Christian gentleman. It will be a blow to my darling wife, but she has been prepared for it and has seen the sword of Damocles hanging over her head.

1915 – February 24

Cazalet I am sending to Marseilles to get warm as he is always sick up here. I shall miss him very much, he leaves to-day. The number of my officers is increasing. Wrote a final ultimatum to the War Office, telling them to take me out of this soft job, and give me a Brigade up at the front where I ought to be. This is a good job, but a one-armed and one-legged man could do it. Everybody is impatient with the war, but we know we must wait till April or May before our time comes to strike the blow.