1918 – February 28

Snow again, and always snow. Our chauffeurs are playing foot-ball to-day against the Persian Christian boys – to-morrow the officers play the civilians of the town.

1915 – October 8

Another battle with the Mohmands. My lot in the middle on the same ground as before, but I put the Kings in the centre – on the right the 4th Brigade under Christian, the 3rd Brigade on my left under General Woodyatt*. Finished and withdrew at 4 p.m. arriving in camp at 5.0. The enemy were very half-hearted and didn’t follow up much. I had only 8 casualties and the whole Force only 3 officers wounded and 60 men knocked over. We had an awful lot of artillery, 30 guns, howitzers, field and mountain and it was mostly an artillery show. The Guides had rather a hot time on the left. I asked the third Brigade to advance there to cover my left, but I never asked them to wheel. Woodyatt stupidly wheeled them and that brought their left, the Guides, with their left shoulders up against the enemy’s trenches. Battye of the Guides** was shot through the groin, but doing well.

* Likely to be Major General Nigel Woodyatt, author of this book.
** Likely to be Captain U. I. Battye.

1914 – July 16th

The week is over and we leave here to-morrow for Teignmouth. It has been a marvellous week for both of us – such splendid happy Christianity, such a force and fervour, such gifted speakers, so many doubts resolved, so many problems helped in their solution. We have made many friends. At the Sports yesterday I had to make a speech and I was announced as “Stalky”, so to-day I have to spend all my time writing autographs. We have found nothing new here, but the realization of nearly all my ideals – happiness in religion, prayers with a smiling face – interdenominationalism – no Churches but one Church based on Christ before the Churches.

Yesterday we had an excursion, 400 of us through one of the Derbyshire Dales – the country is lovely. It has been a piece of good fortune that Agnes Giles should have been here with us and it is quaint to find her waiting on us at meals. It is nice, too, to have Muriel Harris here and see her in her true milieu. What immense good could be done if there were more of these Conferences and if people could only realise what a joy they are.