1915 – December 15

Marched the Brigade in. General Woodyatt with the 3rd Brigade has taken over my camp and I hope we will stay in for at least 6 weeks. The house is looking very nice and smart and homelike. It was getting cold in camp with hard frost every night. Elliott stayed with us from Dec. 4th to Dec. 6th. He seems very ill and is to go home at once

1915 – July 5

Arrived Pindi 6 a.m. Daisie left for Murree at 9 a.m. in the motor bus and I left for Simla by the 1.30 p.m. train. Met Major Little an old friend of the 26th Punjabis. He had lunch with me on the train as he was on his way to Ferozepore to take over command of the 20th Depôt from Elliott, who has gone to Simla sick. We sat for some hours in the restaurant car and had long interesting talk on religious matters – he is a Roman Catholic, and one has to be tactful to avoid quarrelling. R.C’s are so easily aroused to fury.