1917 – July 28

Heat is appalling. I was very pleased to get a note saying that Sir Frederick Campbell was taking 15 days’ leave and I was to command the Division in his absence, so this agony ends on the 31st, when we go to Cherat – I really do not feel as if I could have survived much longer down here and even Daisie had begun to groan, to acquire a thirst, and to get prickly heat – things she has never done before in her life.


1917 – July 2

To Cherat to stay with the Divisional General, Sir Frederick and Lady Campbell. Train to Pabbi 7.45 a.m. Motor from Pabbi to Cherat 23 miles – arrived about 10 and had a good breakfast. Charmed with Cherat, cool and a perpetual breeze, only trees are olive and acacias – looks very healthy.

1917 – April 7

Garden Party at Government House. Daisie and I asked to the select tea-party which was very stiff and I got a very dull tea – Lady Chelmsford was not in an interesting mood and she talked to Sir F. Campbell all the time – I had fragments of conversation with the daughter, Joan, who had just been up in an aeroplane.