1918 – February 7

Snowing again, confound it, and all yesterday’s work spoiled. I determined to ride over with Duncan and no escort – all went well – snow in drifts 12 to 15 feet – got men working both sides. At Zagha a Russian officer Lieut. Zypaloff, took us on in a motor to Hamadan, where we arrived at the Mc.Murrays, Imperial Bank of Persia at 4.30 p.m. A lovely house and every comfort which made me unhappy, thinking of the others in the old serai at Asadabad. General Shore* meets me here from Tiflis to explain the situation.

*Brigadier General Offley Shore is mentioned in this book here, in which the situation in the area is being discussed. It is well worth spending a bit of time reading it.

1918 – February 3

Breakfast 5.30, left 6.30, arrived Kermanshah 1 p.m. The Russians sent 2 Kuban Cossacks to show us the way. Billeted in a beautiful Persian house, with Persian carpets etc., very pretty garden with 2 fountains, jasmine, roses etc., not out, of course. Met Col. Kennion, the Political here, Capt. Greenwood, his assistant, Mr. Redmond, civil political, Mr. Hale, Manager of the Imperial Bank of Persia – all interesting people. Had lunch and dinner with the Kennions, she is a charming woman and acts as his secretary. Kermanshah is the first large Persian town we have seen, population 50,000 and it is not much knocked about though the Turks burnt a few houses before they left. The Kennions were very kind and actually produced a bottle of champagne to celebrate the occasion. Met also Colonel Bicherakov, commanding the few loyal Cossacks who have not deserted, about 300. He is a Caucasian, a good fellow and badly wounded.