1915 – May 23

Weather has cooled down. We came into General Young’s bungalow on Thursday night, mosquitos and sand-flies very bad. I bought all Young’s furniture and things just as they stood, for £81, including garden etc. There is a beautiful grass tennis-court and two badminton courts.

It looks like fighting the Mohmands in June. War news is good and Italy is coming in at last, casualties are fearful.

1915 – March 5

No orders yet. Daisie came up on Wednesday evening and will not return till Sunday evening, a goodbye visit. The War goes well. The new move in the Dardanelles is working very well and it looks as if our fleet would soon get through. This action is forcing the Balkan neutrals to make up their minds. Roumania, Bulgaria, Greece are all wondering what to do, also Italy. Meantime Germany’s mad-dog behaviour at Sea is worrying America, Norway, Sweden and Holland, what a splendid war it is!

1914 – December 26

Cold and drizzly. This War goes on and on and is very exasperating. We must have patience. Old Joffre has heaps of men, he must be going to strike a blow somewhere, but where and when? I should like to say in the Alsace direction and soon. If only Italy would join in. Up in Flanders the Germans are so entrenched and have such depths of barbed wire that advance is almost impossible.