1916 – October 27

First day of building front line picquets [pickets]. They run on a line half a mile apart. Motored to Michni fort, 8 a.m. Thence rode to bank of Cabul River and so across country to bank of Swat River which we reached at 4 p.m., 35 posts to visit, work very interesting. No enemy in sight.

1915 – August 29

Early morning got orders to march out the Khyber Moveable column [see also 1st June 1915] as the Mohmands are really on the move at last. Marched at 6 p.m. Frightful heat, the Kings fell out 50% and the native troops were not much better. Camped at Nagoman on the Cabal [now known as Kabul] River, we just lay down as we were.

[See also this, which is a history of the King’s Regiment (Liverpool), and which makes reference to this date.]