1915 – March 6

Such a squabbling over seniority to-day in my office with a view to succeeding me. First of all Major H.H., the Prince de Mahé came to see me before I was out of bed to point out that he was senior to Fernie. Fernie was a Lieutenant in the King’s Dragoon Guards and is now a temporary Major in the Yeomanry – each thinks he is senior to the other, and as I know nothing about territorials, volunteers, militia, yeomanry and Special Reserve I shall have to send it on to the War Office to settle. They both lost their tempers violently and I had to keep the peace. Daisie returns to Havre to-day – Are the Germans still sure of victory? Are the poor things at last convinced of the absolute certainty of their well-merited downfall? I do not think anyone in the world sympathises with them, though in the abstract it is heroic to see one nation fighting against the whole world and the utter destruction of a splendid empire.