1915 – March 14

The weather keeps fine and yesterday was sun all day. Things go well at the front though we lose heavily, our advance to North of the La Bassée is very important and helps us to get Lille which we want badly. A family walk in the country round St. Aigran at the rate of 1 mile an hour, very tiring. Mother Delaporte, her son and his wife and their 3 children and 2 nurses and Germaine and myself – such a row of us, we quite obliterated the landscape. Dollie has now gone to work with Daisie in No. 12 French hospital under Mrs. Gardner at Havre.

1915 – March 12

We seem to have done very well at the front at Neuve Chapelle N. of La Bassée, a very important move which almost turns the impregnable La Bassée and tends to release Lille which we want very much. [pencilled note in margin: “Failure”] I went over to Sotteville to see some of the trains of German prisoners going through – they seem well fed well clothed and delighted to be prisoners – getting quite warm and springlike, walked with Fernie, strawberries and Veronica out.

1915 – March 11

Presented Mlle. Germaine with a watch which delighted her. It is hard to be a school-mistress without a watch. Daisie writes they have fresh wounded in the hospital. War news good to-day, an advance by La Bassée and 1000 prisoners, and 1 Submarine sunk, at sea. I am rather worried at getting no news from the War Office. A long walk with Mlle Germaine, through the Forêt Verte to Houpville and back through Maromme by tram, about 15 kilometres.