Journey from Hamedan (7 Feb) to Bandar-e Anzali (17 Feb)

This map shows the final route through the mountains from Hamadan (Hamedan) to Enzeli (Bandar-e Anzali), a port town on the Caspian Sea. From here, Dunsterville intended to continue his journey north to Tiflis (Tiblisi, Georgia) and Baku (Azerbaijan) by ship.

The diary mentions trees and flowers on the final route from Mendzil (Manjil) to Enzeli – you can see on the map the crescent of green and how flat the land is at Enzeli. This must have been somewhat of a relief after the arduous journey through the mountains and snow – in motorised vehicles which were probably not, at that point, able to cope with plummeting temperatures.

You can click for a larger version.

Journey from Baghdad (27 Jan) to Hamedan (7 Feb)

This map shows the route across the mountains which run between modern-day Iraq and Iran. It’s astonishing to think it took 12 days to do a journey which Google Maps reckons should take just about 9 hours.The map also shows the critical nature of the region – with the Turks, the Russians (the old, white Russians loyal to the Tsar as well as the ‘red’ Communist/Bolshevik Russians), the British and the Germans all desperate to control this piece of land.