1915 – June 1

The Barbara Mullah has announced his intention of attacking us on Friday, so I have my moveable column ready, it consists of:-

1 D.Y.O. Lancers
No. 74 Howitzer Battery R.F.A.
No. 8 Mountain Battery
The King’s Liverpool Regiment
8th Rajputs
21st Punjabis
72nd Punjabis
No.1 Co. Sappers and Miners.

A nice compact little force and ought to be strong enough to take on the whole of the Mohmands. The heat will be our worst enemy. I do not think it will come off as the other Mullahs do not seem to be caring much about it.

[An interesting article about the Moveable Column can be found here.]

1915 – May 27

Nights quite cool, days fiercely hot. Yesterday General Campbell, commanding the Division, Colonel Rice G.S.O. and myself, motored out to Shabkadr* and Matta to look round the Mohmand frontier. It was strange to be back in these wild parts after that war in France, all this seems like another planet. I like this command, but rather regret the pay and interest of my railway work and the comfort of Mme. Delaporte’ s house and my beloved Germaine’s French lessons. The road from Peshawar to Shabkadr in the early morning at this time of the year is very beautiful, especially the beds of lotus.


* Now spelt Shabqadar