1917 – July 15

Only a month more and we hope to be getting some fresh air in Murree. It is interesting running the Soldiers’ Home and issuing meat pies and ice-creams to soldiers and it is interesting too to learn the tricks and profits of contractors. The profits are enormous and must run to quite £500 a year! I make a quantity of lemonade that costs Rs 2/- and sells at Rs. 8/-, luckily, in my case, all the money goes back to the men. I do not try to make profit but it just tumbles into my lap! I have 4 private soldiers, 2 barmen, 1 Games and 1 Billiard man, and about 10 native servants. We get up Whist Drives, Dances (ye Gods! temperature of 118º in the shade!), Lantern Lectures, Concerts, Billiard Tournaments. The men steal all the papers, knives, forks and spoons. One in 10 does, the others are as honest as the day.

Note: Rs = Rupees
£500 in 1917 is worth approximately £39,800 in 2017 values. See here for more info.


1915 – October 24

We have had a delightful time with a nice clean empty Murree looking quite beautiful – feeling much fitter but far from strong yet, after all that Diarrhoea and fever and my tummy not right yet. Susanna has been a great delight and she and I have had long walks alone over the hills – she gets along very well though she is such a tiny mite. The weather has been glorious and we have all been very happy – much too happy for these horrible times of war.