1917 – September 16

Galfrid* has elected to go into the Navy and I am very pleased indeed – it is time our family had a change from the Army. He should go up for the exam in July 1918, and enter Osborne Sept. 19th 1918. he would then be a full-blown sailor about Sept. 1922. Osborne till 8 April 1920 and then to Dartmouth till April 15th 1922 – when he will be 17 years old and I shall be 57. Leo** will be nearly 20 years old and I suppose just going to Cambridge on his way to be an Engineer.

*Younger son, middle child

**Older son

1914 – August 16th (Sunday)

A lull in the War. So far the Germans are not through Liège and they expected to be in Paris by the end of this month. I can get no employment so far, but still hope. No news of our troops and we don’t even know if they have left England, but I expect they are fighting now on the Belgian left and we shall soon hear. We want Naval news. After drinking toasts in their board-rooms for the last 10 years “To the Day” meaning the day of this great fight between our navies, they now rather wish they were out of it. At any rate they are blockaded and we keep the Seas clear.