1918 – November 4

Very cold, Daisie and I left by motor at 3 p.m. for Pindi and thence train to Peshawar – Susanna and Miss Key remain here.


Pencilled note: “End of War Diary C. Return to page 132 Vol 10”

1917 – August 15

And so our Cherat trip is over and I am not sorry. I certainly thank God that He brought us here for those 15 days, when my boils were about to spring on me – I should have died down below. I am still very sick and get little sleep at night, but I suppose things are improving. In Murree I am to be injected with some sort of anti-boil stuff. We leave here to-morrow 7 a.m. spend the day packing and perspiring in Peshawar, leave by the night mail, arrive Pindi 6 a.m. arriving by motor in Murree at 9 a.m. if all goes well.