1917 – August 10

What luck that Providence fetched me away from Peshawar just in the nick of time – I should have had to go to hospital otherwise – My boils are frightful, they hurt just like burns, and sleep is almost impossible as I have no comfortable side to lie on. And boils are so disgusting.

1917 – August 5th

Rain and mist all the time which we enjoy. Prickly heat gone, but has turned into boils which are beastly. A very good Meeting on Thursday of the Church of England’s Men’s Society – I took the evening service to-day as there is no Chaplain. Daisie’s Dove keeps her busy and happy, but it’s not really a very interesting bird and it just hates her.

1917 – July 28

Heat is appalling. I was very pleased to get a note saying that Sir Frederick Campbell was taking 15 days’ leave and I was to command the Division in his absence, so this agony ends on the 31st, when we go to Cherat – I really do not feel as if I could have survived much longer down here and even Daisie had begun to groan, to acquire a thirst, and to get prickly heat – things she has never done before in her life.

1917 – July 11

It has been unbearably hot and life not worth living. Prickly heat very bad. A storm coming on now may cool us. Soldiers’ Home going very well, I give them an address to-morrow.

I really cannot do any more hot weathers – I have done so since 1884, and no nice billets in the hills, one stands them less well as time goes on. Pigeons and rabbits and gardening keep Daisie fit and busy but she looks forward to seeing Susanna in August. Her 6th birthday is on Saturday.