1915 – June 17

Lecture to-morrow to the men of the King’s and the Royal Sussex. Then in the evening by train to Risalpur; dine with Crocker and lecture in the open air at 9.45. Next day to return here. I do not like leaving Daisie one night alone with things as they are.

1915 – June 13

Wore my plumes at Church parade for the first time and felt very shy! My lecture was so successful that two C.O’s have asked me to give it to their men, and Crocker, the Risalpur cavalry Brigadier has asked me to lecture at Risalpur.

Peshawar gardens are rather wonderful, here, in the middle of June we have on the dinner table, Asters, verbena, Phlox and Dianthus, rather seedy ones, but quite pretty and homelike. We dine to-night with Sir George Roos-Keppel.