1917 – March 8

The great Fête in Mrs. Blakeway’s garden for the Red Cross. Daisie has a stall of home produce, helped by Miss Durell, and Susanna dances with the lot of other pretty little girls – she enjoys it immensely. To-morrow she goes to the Longdens at Kohat for a week. I am out bivouacking to-morrow taking the 2/6 Devons for their test.

1917 – January 17

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Brigade Staff Tour under Division to Jalozai – interesting, and nice weather. No rain and everything very dry and dusty. Daisie was rather badly bitten by Velia [presumably a pet dog?] on the 7th, and should have gone to Kasauli, but wouldn’t. There was a mad-dog in the compound the day before and of course I feel anxious. Her hand festered, but seems all right now. Velia also snapped Susanna yesterday, not badly.

1917 – January 4

Col. Ewart is now promoted Major General and this brings me on to the list of paid A.D.C.s*, for which I am duly grateful, and hope I may now at last begin to pay off my debt of £2000. My income is now £2090 a year and Daisie has her own £100 for her dresses. On January 1st, Daisie’s birthday, Susanna had a very fine fancy dress party of all the children here, about 40, and we also dressed up, Daisie as a Swedish peasant, Miss Durell Dutch, and I in my beautiful uniform of Chasseurs à pied, which I got while I was in France last year.

* Aides-de-camp