1915 – January 28

A very cold night and a very hard frost – un-heated railway carriages concentrate cold and are really colder than the air outside. Lunch in the town. Left at 5.30 as a passenger to Rouen, Ward taking the trains – 12 nurses in my carriage. Nice nurses, very amiable, had only tea to give them. Arrived Darnétal 8 a.m. Havre 9 a.m.

1914 – August 31

Ward and I searched around and at last found our servants and kits. It takes 3 trains a day to feed our small army. My servant is trooper Barnes of the 20th Hussars. He sleeps in my truck and has the most awful night-mares when he yells and strangles imaginary Germans. Got rid of my horse, handed back to remount. A wounded British soldier with arm shattered lying on ambulance. French lady comes up, empties her purse on him (unconscious) and kneels down to kiss his hands.